About us

EATGE was founded in 2013. At EATGE you will find your favorite fashionable T-shirts.

To find out more about EATGE and to read some Frequently Asked Questions, please go to our FAQ section, or you can always drop us a line at contact#eatge.com (replace # with @) (give us a little time to get back to you; be nice – nice people always get answered first).

EATGE Designers

All T-shirt images at EATGE.com were submitted by our designers.

EATGE pays its designers $1 for every shirt sold during the time of the sale. All artist payments are sent via Paypal in USD.

There are two ways to become an EATGE artist:

  1. We will find you on the Internet and invite you to participate.
  2. Click on the [Join Us Now] button on our homepage and fill out the necessary information. In our submit section, you will be asked to upload your design you would like us to consider.

Thanks for stopping by!

So now what? Well, you can go check out our newly designed T-shirts, or you can Join EATGE. Or if you already know the secret handshake, then go ahead and Sign In!


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